what does it mean to be "human"?

Every single one of us feels happiness and pain, sorrow and hope. We all dream, we all need to eat, sleep and feel loved. To keep warm in the winter, cool off in the summer, go to school if we want to and to the doctor when we need to. Yet for some reason we as a race, the human race, tend to alienate one another.


“Human” is a platform for anybody who is willing to share their stories and struggles with the world in a nonjudgmental, loving environment. We aim to focus on the differences which make us unique and beautiful, as well as our similarities which define us as human.


We are all human. We all have a story to tell.


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"human." is a culmination of the writing, photo, video and design work of Harrison Brink and Alisa Miller. It is meant to act as a forum where we show the vitality of the human spirit through the strife that people face and overcome. If you have any suggestions for the project, please contact us. All input is welcome.