Background: My name is Camae, I really don’t believe in age and I’m an artist.


Faith: My spiritual practice, I would say I’m more of a Universalist. I study all religions and I take from those religions what resonates in me.


Aspects of your life which have shaped your faith: I’m really into myth, I’m really into why people continue…what drives people. I’m into collective memory and collective struggle. I would say those things motivate me to study.


Do you generally feel included with your peers? I feel like, as a so-called black person or a woman in this society, of course I’m not included in the different aspects of my life. So no, on the day-to-day I don’t feel included. I feel the so-called black woman in America is a new entity for other people to understand and even for ourselves to understand.


A time when you felt included: I wouldn’t say a time when people have gone out their way, just the rare instances where I am able to meet a true human being. Someone who is able to treat you with kindness, without judgment or expectation. The rare times when I meet a human being I experience those things. Just yesterday somebody sent me a very nice email about how they’re thankful that I make music so that’s something, that someone took time to do something outside of themselves, even though it’s in response to themselves when it comes to the matrix of the Internet.


A time when you felt excluded: I feel like when people who do something to keep someone out or people are acting negative, it’s a result of something they’re going through so I try not to speak too much about that. I try not to personalize people’s actions that are not accord to nature.


Overcoming exclusion: It’s not about “what do I do to overcome it.” I can’t take responsibility for other people’s actions. All I can do is continue to practice self-love and practice ways to deal with the troubles of the world, the troubles of interactions of existence.


Advice for someone who is feeling excluded: Just like athletes work on their core to be strong…the core for an athlete is their most important part because it strengthens the rest of the body once your core is in shape. On a spiritual level, or a metaphysical level, it would just be about practicing positive self-love tactics. The first step to that was just to practice actually being kind to yourself, regardless of what you put in your body, the things that you say out your mouth, the things you think about yourself. That would be the first step and that’s a very hard thing to do so it’s a good first step.


Advice to the people doing the excluding: There’s nothing you can actually say to them. When it comes to prejudice, it’s up to the person. You can always hope to inspire but even that inspiration dissolves. Everything continues to change so it’s kind of hard to be an inspirational quote to someone in a sense of you need to change something about yourself. Not everyone is meant to be the same here. Everyone is very, very…unlimited possibilities of who we can be. I would just say…some idea of karma, to take note of your evil doings. That energy always comes back, energy always comes back.


One thing to make the world a more inclusive place: I would say self-love but then there is this gray area of what does love even mean. Then I guess I can’t say self-love, you know? One thing we can do is understand that people have been dealing with stuff and living and existing even before you met them so I guess some compassion is needed but what does that even mean, you know? Words are so elusive.

“All I can do is continue to practice self-love and practice ways to deal with the troubles of the world, the troubles of interactions of existence.”

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