jeanine demegilio, 39, trenton, NJ


Best childhood memory: Being raised with my Grandmom and before my Mom died. I have flashes of what we used to do. And my Grandpa. They raised me.


Food: I like mostly anything except with beans. Like tacos, like Spanish foods, but I learned to eat a lot of it because I was incarcerated. That's what they seem to like to feed everybody, rice and beans


Drink: Soda and coffee, Coca-cola.


Color: Black, goes with everything and don't get dirty.


Thing to do: I used to walk my dog. I loved him a lot. Me and my husband had a lot of common interests, like we liked music and movies and concerts. I like to work as a waitress, but that was prior to four years ago when we got on drugs and he became a different person and left me when I was in jail.


Place in the city: I guess I would say outside in the parks, like any of the parks. It seems like Love Park because its right in the middle of everything. The Washington Park I saw yesterday. It was nice, but it's such a far walk!


Cartoon character: Hello Kitty


If you could live anywhere in the world where would you go and why? Hmm . . . I guess California because the beach and it's so big. I probably wouldn't have a hard time finding a job in the sun.


What inspires you? Trying to make my Grandmom proud even though she is not here. Just to, if I don't do good, to try to do better.


What are some of your goals? Long-term and/or short-term. To get a place to live so I don't have to carry around my stuff, so I would be able to get a job and stay on my mental health medications so I don't drift off and do drugs or get with the wrong people. That's happened twice.


If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? Tiger because nobody would hurt me. People tend not to hurt them.


Tell me about the craziest dream you have ever had. Well, I really don't dream. My husband and other people have told me that I talk in my sleep, but I really don't remember dreams. Like bits and pieces and sometimes they're just not good, and I wake up, but I specifically can't name a dream.


What is one thing that you want people to know about you? There's more to me than meets the eye.

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