robert perry


Background:  My name is Robert and I have my own business that I’ve been doing for about almost 20 years, it’s a small bar and restaurant.


Faith:  My faith is in the ultimate goodness in people.  Aspects of your life which have shaped your faith:  Just my daily encounters with people have shown me that if you open your heart to the world, the world will open its heart to you. It’s just one of those things that multiplies and continues to teach you that lesson over and over again.


A time you felt included: Just in a general sense there’s been many occasions in my life where people have gone out of their way to make me feel welcome, which to me is the same as feeling included. There’s been many, many instances where people have just welcomed me, either into their homes or into their lives or into whatever experience we were sharing at the moment, and it makes you feel great, of course, to be welcomed in such a way.


A time you felt excluded: It can bum me out a little bit but I really try not to focus on that experience too much. I feel like it’s kind of a waste of energy to feed into that feeling that they want you to feel. Feeling excluded, or ignored, or rejected, or whatever, it’s sort of a dead end so I try to just acknowledge it and just move on and move onto something more positive.


Advice for someone who is feeling excluded: It’s hard because for some people it can make them feel very isolated and that’s a really hard thing to get past I think for a lot of people. My advice would be to find experiences and look towards things that they love, that make them feel included and to find like communities and to find even one person that can turn around that experience of being excluded or turn around that feeling of being rejected for some reason.


Advice to the people doing the excluding: I don’t know, life is too short and too precious. Quit wasting your time and energy worrying about whether someone should be on the in or the out. It’s just really ridiculous, it’s really a waste of time and energy. It’s really a negative approach to your life. I don’t know, get over yourself, basically.


One thing to make the world a more inclusive place: I’m a really big believer that the personal experience extends to the universal experience. Like, it just pulls out. So, if you can make every experience that you have into an inclusionary one, like if you can make every personal encounter you have a welcoming one, then that can’t help but magnify that energy to that person that you touched and then somewhere down the line that person might touch somebody else then I think it just has this really beautiful domino effect that can spread from one person, one encounter with one person. Any kind of personal experience like that, I think it has a huge effect that is way beyond what we may understand.

“Just my daily encounters with people have shown me that if you open your heart to the world, the world will open its heart to you.”

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