roberto gonzalez, 50, puerto rico


Best childhood memory: When I wanted to go to school and my father don't let me go to school and put me work.


Food: Rice and beans and arroz con gandules, pork and chicken, thats my favorite.


Drink: My favorite drink is orange juice and fruit.


Color: Black and White


Thing to do: Go to church. I haven't find the church I am looking for, Pentecostal church; I haven't find it yet. But I will be happy with that church, that church help me a lot. And I have been saying what everybody doing for me. These people take care of people. When you looking for the help, come in this church, and this church got help; he help me a lot. I have been saying what this church do to me; he help me. I feel like a brother, like a family; you know what I mean? I feel very, very good; thank God I found this place.


Place in the city: Here, right here. I feel like a family; you know what I mean? I feel like these people love people. Help people. That's what I need. I need help; I need help. I am coming for Peurto Rico like a month, and nobody help me like these people did. The door's open for me anytime I want to open. When I ask for help, these people never say, “No“; you know what I mean? I feel that that's my favorite place. If you could live anywhere in the world where would you go and why? For now here, but I never seen something that beautiful like, like here. For I finding I lucky. I am finding more good people than bad people; that's good for me. I like that, and I want to see what happens; you know what I mean? And I got to wait and take it easy, and maybe God help me. I know God help me. I got to work for what I want.


What inspires you? Finding work, take care of myself. For I'm diabetic. I got problem. My liver is no good; my kidney is no good, too. Though I try to do the more I can and the more I inspires is go to God; you know what I want i don't want to worry that when I am dead I go to God. I got to work for God. I got a lot of work to do with myself, so when I die, I want to go to God. That's the more determination I got, exactly, go to God.


What are some of your goals? Long-term and/or short-term. I want to work. I want my own room next, I want my own studio, my work. I like to be independent.


If you could be any animal, what would you be and why? Lamb.


Tell me about the craziest dream you have ever had. The devil used two people when I sleep, and some people doing like this to my bed, and I am sleeping, and he's doing like this to me, and he make a noise zzzzz, and he scaring me like that, and my heart is jajajajaja. I woke up and I go and smoke one cigarette, and you know what I mean? I never fuck with that thing. That's the first time I sees I got that dream, and I never in my life, I never forget my life.


What is one thing that you want people to know about you? I want to know the people about me is try to find what kind of guy I am. The only way. I can find it, you talk, you talk, and you be good. When I see in your face that you try to deceive me or you lie to me, I don't talk who I am. When I see in your face that you are good guy, and I talked to you everything that I am. I told the truth; the truth is better than the lie.

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