How We Transform eCom Stores into 8-Figures Viral Brands Through The Power of Branding

Rebrand your business into an iconic brand that is so different that people can’t help but remember.
Delight your customers with thoughtful gestures that will make them blush or giggle.
Establish trust and boost your CVR and AOV with state-of-the-art store design.
Adopt a magnetic brand personality that will encourage people to try even the craziest products.
Make Your Brand Tell a Story

Growth stagnating?

It happens to too many eCom businesses.
Your product-market fit is on-point.
You’ve managed to rise into 7-digits (which is no small feat!)
But you now understand that for that, you need to play a whole other game.

That CPM Is Only Getting Worse.

Your ad ROAS just isn’t hitting the mark anymore.
And you keep hiring ad marketing agencies that can’t deliver the results you want to see.
You’ve exhausted all of your CRO tests, and still, you just can’t hit that AOV goal with profit margins that will grow your brand?
Feels like you just have to improve the customer experience so they will be delighted and help your brand to become viral?

It’s time for a rebrand

You don’t need another promise from a media buying agency.
You need a fresh beginning as a stand-out brand with a charismatic personality, unique messaging, and a delightful shopping experience that will make your brand viral!

Successful stores were 6x more likely to cite “Branding and Storytelling” as their competitive advantage.

Those brands were able to



A magnetic brand personality leads to greater trust in the quality and effectiveness of the products, giving the customers confidence in making bigger orders.



Scroll-stopping creatives that are aligned with their brand and hit the emotional triggers of the viewers directly.

unlock new

Biz Opportunities

Influencers, content creators and established brands know the importance of brand equity and will collaborate with businesses that support it.


Word of Mouth growth

A delightful shopping experience that shows the customers that this brand truly cares, makes people almost feel like they have to share about this delightful experience.

And most importantly, they've

Earned true fans that love their brand and not only their products.

HUMAN is a branding and eCom store design firm that helps businesses stand out.
We’ll draw up a fail-proof strategy to transform your business into a brand people remember.
Discover your purpose

Our transformation process


Understanding who your customers really are

We will uncover what triggers their emotions regarding the pain your product solves and understand the kind of personality they will resonate with and listen to. How? By understanding their tribe and the celebrity idol of your niche.


Brand strategy & positioning

Based on data and insights from customers, we will find the soul and personality of your brand. We will give it human-like traits that connect customers on a deeper level. This brand DNA will fuel all marketing efforts, including your store design, ad campaigns and emails.


Brand visual identity guidelines

We will design your logo and all of your brand's visual style, making sure it looks and feels premium, established, and extremely different from your competitors.


Creative design

We will apply the brand's new personality, messaging, and visual style to each touch point, from the ads' creative to the store design to the post-purchase emails. In addition, we will implement small delightful gestures that will make customers feel like they got more than what they paid for.

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It’s all in the data

HUMAN’s team of brand designers and strategists has transformed dozens of other eCom businesses. We’re not just giving casual suggestions based on what looks the prettiest.

We employ in-depth qualitative and quantitative research on both your current and prospective customers.
If you want to break into the 8-figure mark, you need data-driven strategies to fortify your brand identity. Through the industry’s top store design experts and Baymard Institute-approved tests, we’ll create an eCom shop that finally converts.

Discover your purpose

A proven track record

We’ve helped dozens of brands break free from the 7-figure plateau.

A bit from our past clients

“How can I describe you guys? (Laughs) A group of smart kids with enough rodeos in the eCom world to convince you to get out of your box and pull off some new moves. And the best part is that it actually works.”

“Rocking the boat and getting bold with who you are as a brand is the only thing that will make people try out new “unconventional” products. Thank you for taking me through this important lesson.”

“I would have never thought that a brand story could affect how people see us... We owe a lot to your (HUMAN) creative ideas on integrating this story in our funnel to drive action and inspire our customers to make a change and try out something new. Kudos"

“My eCom mastermind group members have prepared me that the benefits of a powerful brand come only after a few months. Human has proved them wrong. If that’s only the start, can’t wait to see what comes next.”

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Smash through the ceiling

Your product-market fit is Those BOGO offers aren’t doing you any favors. Let’s elevate your brand and reach your AOV target.

Join Together

Your customers purchase with their gut.
We’ll use powerful storytelling to establish an unbreakable emotional connection with your customers.

Stand Out

Shopify and Drop-shipping have saturated the market.
Forge a meaningful connection with your base and become a household name.

Rise Up

Media buying just doesn’t have the ROI it used to. It’s time to give your customers a reason to choose you – without lowering your prices.

A strong brand

Better talent

The best talent wants to join a purpose-driven brand.

A purpose-driven brand with a strong stance of its values and beliefs will not only nourish your team – who will push for more, but also attract better talent. The best talent isn’t driven just by the money, but for it’s impact on the world.

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