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In sports, some athletes stand out for the moment.
The really good ones, though, leave a lasting impression.
They are the legends. The names of the legends stand the test of time.
99Jersey, is an e-commerce brand committed to helping people honor these sports legends by designing unique, high-end jerseys that people are proud to wear. Not only for their quality but for what they represent.
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Component-based design system

UI is our bread and butter. The entire UI design is built by a custom-made design system, allowing future designers to modify or add new components easily.
Using a component-based design system saves developers the need to code repeated components, helping them to build the website at incredible speed and with better performance.

CRO Ready.

Most of the time, the only ones that know how you website should look and function is your customers. That’s why Project-Human offers a CRO test-package that includes the design of your next tests in a special rate.

* Offered only as part of a branding project.

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