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Worlds largest sweat-enhancing wearables brand designed to deliver hardcore fitness results for everyday people

How we moved the needle







¹ Measured over 3 months, compared to the same 3 months in the past year.

“Our new brand-oriented thinking has played a vital role in helping us reach the 8-figure mark, with an astonishing 30% repeat customers.”

Jonathan Cohen, CEO

Kewlioo is one of the biggest online retailers for sweat-enhancing apparel (sauna-wear) in the world.

A project that started as customer research for marketing purposes, resulted a new positioning, and entire brand-wide face lift. The results speak for themselves.

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Social media and advertising content

As part of the project, HUMAN was in-charge of designing the brands first marketing collateral.

* Marketing design service is only offered as part of a rebranding project.

Component-based design system

UI is our bread and butter. The entire UI design is built by a custom-made design system, allowing future designers to modify or add new components easily.
Using a component-based design system saves developers the need to code repeated components, helping them to build the website at incredible speed and with better performance.

CRO Ready.

Most of the time, the only ones that know how your website should look and function is your customers. That’s why Project-Human offers a CRO test package that includes the design of your following tests at a special rate.

* Offered only as part of a branding project.

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